About us

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The company

We are a company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with a global vocation, both in the profile of our customers and those of our partners and suppliers. We work without limits or borders. We value, learn and take full advantage from diversity.

We are a small company, we work in networks to optimize resource usage and leverage knowledge in order to create synergies that add value to our customers. This characteristic allows us to be dynamic, flexible and adaptable to the requirements we face.


To be valued by our customers as a strategic ally, strong, trustworthy, creative and adaptable to changes in order to provide effective solutions to their needs.


Understand and satisfy the needs of our customers, articulating quality professional services that allow to find stylish, innovative and simple solutions.

The team

We have the experience of offering professional services, designed to find practical solutions making the most of information and communication technologies, in several countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, to companies of all sizes, as well as to institutions, governments, international cooperation agencies and multilateral organizations.

We offer our knowledge and skills in management, consulting, outsourcing, research, foresight, training, development, infrastructure and auditing, among others. We will be pleased to get in touch with you.




Fernando Barros Martinet



Salvador Romano Maresca