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AliadosTech professional services
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Welcome to our website! We are a specialized team in information and communication technologies (ICTs), consultancy, project and knowledge management; with extensive international experience, flexible, dynamic and efficient in finding practical solutions to the needs of our customers. We have the capacity to make valuable contributions in a variety of areas:

  • International cooperation projects: negotiation, design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Business management: strategy, executive management, innovation, foresight, coaching, consulting and management support.
  • ICTs: Internet, management, advice, research, infrastructure, development and making the most of technology in areas of critical importance of different sectors:
    • Knowledge Management.
    • International, South-South and triangular cooperation.
    • Business Intelligence applied to sports management.
    • Productivity and working conditions improvement.
    • Technical vocational education and training, education and workplace training.
    • Sustainable enterprises development, clusters and value chains.
    • Environmental care, renewable energy and green jobs.
    • Rural development, agricultural production and agro-industries.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to get in touch with you!