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Fields of action

We strategically support your projects in order to leverage them and optimize results:

  • In some or all of their stages: design, implementation and evaluation; as well as in each of their processes.
  • May they be carried out by internal teams or outsourced suppliers.
  • Projects, stages or processes may correspond to:
    • Knowledge management:
      • Research and innovation.
      • Foresight (anticipation of technological, organizational and occupational needs).
      • Training.
      • Good practices and lessons learned.
      • Information technology and communication in critical areas and sectors:
        • Knowledge Management.
        • International, South-South and triangular cooperation.
        • Business Intelligence applied to sports management.
        • Improving productivity and working conditions.
        • Vocational education and training, education and workplace training.
        • Development of sustainable enterprises, clusters and value chains.
        • Environmental care, renewable energy and green jobs.
        • Rural development, agricultural production and agro-industries.
    • Development (software):
      • Corporate systems (CRM, ERP, accounting, HR, production, stock, marketing, strategic management).
      • Web sites and platforms, Internet presence and positioning (CMS, LMS, e-commerce, social networks -community management-, SEO, advertising, statistics).
      • Mobile applications (native -Android, iOS, BB-, HTML5).
    • Infrastructure (hardware):
      • Hardware (PC, mobile, servers, routers, specialized equipment or terminals, automation, etc.).
      • Hosting (on site or remote).
      • Computer and data centers.
      • Internet connectivity.
      • Networks (LAN, WAN).

Professional services

Strategic support may include professional services such as:

  • Support and advice for decision making.
  • Alternatives research.
  • Review of plans, procedures, products and documents.
  • Project, stages or processes management:
    • Planning and design.
    • Tasks coordination.
    • Stakeholders articulation (internal or external).
    • Implementation, procurement or purchase outsourcing:
      • Suppliers selection.
      • Terms of reference (TORs) preparation.
      • Supervision.
      • Monitoring compliance with TORs.
      • Product quality control.
    • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Coaching and facilitation.
  • Brokerage.
  • Auditing.


To achieve maximum effectiveness we coordinate and work as a team with a network of international experts and specialized suppliers in each area.

Our goal is to always be part of the solution, establishing strong win-win alliances with our customers, in which all can feel as partners and supported in the way of turning true a common vision of the future reality.

Our customers trust us for the creation and management of solutions to different technological and strategic management challenges.

We conceive the solution, look for the best to execute it, manage and evaluate the execution.

In that way, we focus on creating excellent solutions (elegant, practical, simple and effective), manage better and protect our customers' interests.

Our proposals are simple and clear, we charge our hours of work and the costs associated with each project.